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"Story of wood and sand" Poetics Haiku

                                                                   I don't know if I have the soul of a poet, but by creating this series "Bestiary: stories of wood and sand" I had the urge to create, for each photo, a small text under the shape of a Haikü 1.

                                  I think I'm a photographer first and foremost, but these driftwoods inspired words in resonance...
From these photos were born chimerical images creating a "poetics of Driftwood"

1 Haiku is a short poem, born in Japan at the end of the 17th century. In the West, it is written 
mainly on three lines according to short/ long/ short rhythm: 5/ 7/ 5 syllables in its classic form. 
Contemporary poets can write haikus in much more brief again and even shake the rhythm.