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Genèse d'une Œuvre


About the series “Genesis of a Work” where cows in a meadow, lick a salt stone in the form of a cube, and give it the appearance of a modern art, I was ironic about what a work of art can be for the viewer in a small fabliau ….

……       … 

The viewer and the work of art

When one is in this world sensitive to beauty
We're looking everywhere in all of society
We go through the galleries in search of emotions
We savor the photos of all the exhibitions.

And this pleasing to the mind and to the eyes
By cleverly fulfilling many of our wishes
Orchestrated work of all the artists
Works thought created and also dualistic
Manufactured by occupying the market
Of the work of silver and associated art.

But he is for us as a watcher in short
Other emotions regarding an apple
A piece of driftwood… a sad landscape
Who approaches art without the hand of an artist


The work of art only takes its body
only in the viewer
When stopped the eye turns to gold
Arouse a thousand happiness
That emotion reveals...

The well-being of the dream.

The rest is nonsense...