This book is not a retrospective of shows in Avignon over a given time, nor an inventory or a collection of images...

Nor is it an essay on the spectacle and the actors.

It would rather be an intimate work, the result of emotions linked to crossings and encounters in the streets and alleys during the Festival, when the actors in costume or in "Lady or Everyman" mingle with everyone.

Some see each other, others guess each, or not...
But everyone, the public and the actors, are there for the Theater and the Live Show.












                                         Genesis of an ArtWork


This black and white project evokes the measurement of time which inexorably passes before our eyes without our really paying attention to it.

At the same time, but more modestly, he questions the notions of work, of art, as well as the place of the artist and his approach.

Thus "Genesis of a work" being a chronological sequence, a small digital booklet has been published and can be consulted by clicking under the cover opposite .....












Sea Stories:

                                Bestiary of Wood and Sand

      "Often flooded with air, light and shade,
the backwash in the eye and in the ears…. the dunes and the shore become places where the vision of reality transforms the walker...
      The sea and the sand invite images where the driftwoods, brewed with foam and stranded, invent new lives.
      A fantastic and marvelous Bestiary seems to populate the shore at random with winds and waves..."

This series in the form of pareidolia, was born from winter wanderings on the beaches of the Camargue between 2009 and 2019 and still continues today, so strong is the power of chimerical incarnation of driftwood for the avid and dreamy walker that I am.










                                      Orphans for sale

The present is only the reality that we have in front of our eyes and in our minds... To the mind is added the remembrances or related memories, to constitute the near future...

Often these memories are the result of encounters, and are all the stronger as the object of this encounter has been charged with affects...

The toys that we had as a child, are particularly generators of these reminiscences...

Here, I am interested in the dolls that are on the stalls of flea markets or garage sales, sorts of Orphans of the children who cherished them